Smartphones and their accessories have become a huge part of modern life. Among the sea of gadgets, accessories and electronic toys, it can be hard to tell which products are truly helpful and which are a trendy headache. A smartwatch combines the features of a traditional wristwatch with a smartphone, but it’s far more than the sum of its parts.

Here are five benefits and features of a smartwatch that other accessories just can’t match.

1. Supports Your Health

Smartwatches are best known for being great workout buddies. Basic models often include a pedometer, calorie counter and heart rate monitor. Bluetooth compatibility allows smartwatches to play music or videos during long walks and intense workouts. Some models even offer different sports modes so you can get accurate information whether you’re playing basketball or skipping rope.

You don’t have to be a top athlete to take advantage of a smartwatch’s health monitoring features. Several smartwatch models offer a feature to help you track the quality of your sleep and vital signs monitoring. Whether you have existing concerns or just want to be aware of any notable trends or changes, a smartwatch can be invaluable to helping you keep track of your health.

2. Saves Your Battery and Social Life

The social media, calling and text features of a smartwatch can be highly beneficial for your busy schedule. A quick glance at your wrist can tell you whether a notification is urgent, saving you time and phone battery.

This can also help you stay connected and polite during social situations. A quick glance at your wrist is less disruptive and allows you to interrupt your conversation only when absolutely necessary.

3. Helps You Avoid Losing Your Tech

A smartwatch’s conveniently wearable design means that it’s connected to you all day. Dropping your phone during a run or forgetting your Bluetooth device on a train isn’t an issue with smartwatches.

Some models take this a step further, with a convenient find your phone feature. With this feature, you can quickly locate your misplaced phone and go on with your day.

4. Expresses Your Personal Style

The days of one-size-fits-all, bulky smartwatches are done. Today’s smartwatches are as varied, stylish and customizable as a traditional wristwatch. Whether you’d like a rose gold feminine option, a classic black that goes with anything or an interchangeable watch strap that allows you to change it up, there’s a smartwatch out there that will make you look sharp.

5. Saves You Money

Many people are hesitant about the cost of a smartwatch, imagining the price of the flashiest brands. There are many smartwatches that are far more affordable, with some models being comparable in price to a standard wrist watch. Even smartwatches with multiple features and stylish design can stay well under the price of an average smartphone.

A smartwatch includes a pedometer, heart rate tracker, phone finder, touch screen and Bluetooth device into one convenient package. It’s difficult to find an accessory that matches smartwatches for convenience, style and wealth of features. Buy a smartwatch and see the benefits for yourself.

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