Smart watches have become the newest must-have gadget with their immense functionality in a compact design, making our lives easier. This intelligent gadget has replaced the regular watch on our wrists. It can make a call, set alarms, track our emails, and keep us updated about our heart health and calories burnt. In short, this tiny gadget can manage our day to day lives with numerous benefits.

If you have been shying away seeing the price tags, it is time to meet these fantastic smart watches under $100.

5 Best Smart Watches

Smart Watch – HS6620

The HS6620

If you are looking for a waterproof smart watch that tracks your fitness like a pro, here it is. The first one on our list is the HS6620, loaded with exciting features. It is the perfect gadget to track your physical activity during workout sessions.

As far as the display and appearance goes, it has eye-catching wallpapers for an elegant look. You can select any of the 12 preloaded wallpapers or customize them. Next, it has all the essential fitness tracking features to monitor your blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rate. There is also a sleep monitor that includes tracking your rest hours.

Lastly, it helps you manage your calls, displays caller ID information, and has message reminders and social media apps.

Smart Watch – HS6620

Body Temperature Smartwatch – The M4pro

Body Temperature Smartwatch - The M4pro

The M4Pro is a smartwatch that monitors your health all the time to keep you fit. The best feature of this gadget is that it can measure your body temperature accurately. Wear it for half an hour on your wrist, keeping the metal plate in touch with the skin. The screen displays your body temperature.

Along with testing your body temperature, this competent gadget also acts as a heart rate monitor, blood pressure and oxygen monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer, etc. It also helps to track your calls, serve as a message reminder, and display caller information. Use the multi-sport modes to analyze your physical activity and fitness intelligently.

Body Temperature Smartwatch – The M4pro

Kids Smart Watches – The LBS Childrens smartwatch

Kids Smart Watches - The LBS Childrens smartwatch

Why shouldn’t kids reap the benefits of a smart watch? The LBS Children’s Smart watch is the perfect gadget for kids to flaunt. It comes equipped with a camera, SOS button, GPS tracker, and a voice intercom. This feature ensures the complete safety of your child and helps you track them always.

At the same time, it is a cool gadget accessory to wear. Available in three funky colors – blue, green, and pink, it looks very stylish on kids. It also enables them to place calls and communicate with friends and family conveniently. Simple voice chat, group chat, and more explicit calls make it a beneficial gadget for children and their families who can stay connected always.

Kids Smart Watches – The LBS Childrens smartwatch

Android Watch – The Full Touch Screen X8 Smart Watch

X8 Smart Watch

The Full Touch Screen X8 Android is a gadget that keeps you updated with the latest features without burdening your pocket. The ideal product to accompany your sports activities, track your fitness levels with advanced accuracy, and waterproof design protects the watch, and extends its durability.

This smartwatch comes with a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also track your blood oxygen levels, hours of sleeping, and daily walking with a pedometer. Also, you can check the caller ID before taking a call on your watch and manage your messages. The sophisticated design and impressive features will surely win your heart and those around you.

Android Watch – The Full Touch Screen X8 Smart Watch

Women’s Smart Watch – The Fit Pro S2 Smart Watch

Women's Smart Watch - The Fit Pro S2 Smart Watch

This is a chic and happening smart watch for today’s woman who needs everything at their fingertips. The Fit Pro S2 brings multiple features directly on your wrist, letting you have a truly satisfying experience.

It is compatible with Android phones as well as IOS. Manage your phone calls, messages, and emails while on the go. Simultaneously, keep track of your health and fitness every hour. The fitness features help you monitor your walking, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. It allows you to plan the ideal workout to stay fit and lead a healthy life.

Overall, it makes you embrace an intelligent life by managing both work and fitness.

Women’s Smart Watch – The Fit Pro S2 Smart Watch

Buying Guide

Apart from the price tag, there are several other things to take note of while buying a smartwatch. Even though you are buying one under $100, there should be all the essential features present to make it useful. Check the following list of features to see if it includes the following.

Essential Features


People usually want a smart watch to leave behind their phones while going out for a jog or doing the groceries. The gadget should connect to the phones and transfer calls. You should be able to receive them or even make a call while on the go.

Fitness Tracker

One of the essential features that this gadget must-have is a fitness tracker. Your smart watch must be able to track your location or distance covered through built-in GPS. It should also monitor heart rate, calories burnt in physical activities, have a step tracker, pedometer, and sleep monitor.


The next thing to take note of is the design. Look for a sleek and compact design. The watch should complement your looks and not appear out of place. Buying a cheaper variant does not mean that it must be a chunky piece on your wrist. Besides, the watch should have a protective, waterproof covering.

Final Words

A smart gadget that keeps your life on track right from fitness to work and sleep is the best thing that can happen. We have tried to lessen your job by listing out five of the best smart watches from well-reputed brands under $100. So, did we help you meet your dream watch?