5 Drones That Will Make The Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Flying drones have become an exciting thing for aviators and photographers. Professional photographers have understood that the sky is the limit. To reach a new level of aerial photography and videography, most photographers have shifted to professional drones. With many designs and features in recent models, it isn't easy to understand how to find the right one. Buying a drone can seem a bit tricky if you are new to them. We will help you understand the basic features and factors to check before selecting the right type of drone.  

If you are wondering which would be the best model to purchase, follow the guide below. Let's introduce you to these fantastic drones that let you have the edge over others in superb aerial photography

5 Best Products

SG106 4k RC Drone

SG106 4k RC Drone


You will be surprised by the sophisticated design of the SG106 4K Quadcopter RC Drone. It comes equipped with a massive capacity battery, dual camera mode, and mind-blowing clarity. You can access the 1080P and 4K HD Wide Angle camera to capture mesmerizing aerial photographs and videos. The optical flow positioning and altitude hold mode help maintain stable flight and excellent performance. 

Make your photography outstanding with this drone camera. You can specify the track you want it to follow, and the quadcopter obeys your command. You can also use the Wi-Fi to connect and click videos, pictures, or go for real-time transmission through your phone. The Smart follow feature allows you to control the drone remotely and perform various movements in all directions to capture the best images.

On the whole, this is a competent and durable Quadcopter that you should checkout

RC Quadcopter - E520S Professional Drone 5G

rc quadcopter the e520s professional drone with 5g


The E520S Professional Drone is a next-generation Quadcopter. It offers you crystal clear images with a superb camera, route planning, 5G connectivity, and Intelligent Following. The best part of this new age Quadcopter is its compact design. It has foldable arms along with a small size, which makes it easy to carry around.

Equipped with GPS positioning, it has an accurate flight and tracking system. You can optimize the quality between 720P, 1080P, or 4K as per your convenience. The HD camera offers spectacular aerial images and videos. The follow-me mode helps you control the aircraft through your smartphone. With the Altitude Hold, it will stabilize the flight to give steady pictures and videos.

You can also find unique angles and shooting perspectives by making the drone fly in a circle or draw a specific route for it.

The drone is easy to use and control, giving you full access to track it or make it land.

S66 Mini Gravity Induction Folding Quadcopter

S66 Mini Gravity Induction Folding Quadcopter
The S66 mini gravity induction quadcopter is designed like a small folding camera. The drone has an exceptionally compact design. Take breath-taking aerial shots with the 4K HD camera, and enjoy numerous features.


The Altitude Hold mode gives your drone a stable flight. Also, the Wi-Fi connectivity is an added advantage. You can connect it to the mobile app to take pictures or record videos, and control them. Use the feature to transmit your images in real-time.

Switch between the dual cameras, control them through a remote, and improvise your shooting angles. The foldable drone is a headless model giving you freedom from 'direction loss.' It can fight wind resistance and fly in all directions. Use the one-key landing and one-key take-off features for smooth operation.

The TL123 Mini Induction Drone


You can call the TL123 Magic Hand the perfect children's playmate. This mini induction drone is a hand-controlled model with multiple exciting features. With its inductive throwing technique, the drone is easy-to-use and control.


It would help if you threw the drone horizontally for it to take flight. The infrared sensing devices in the machine automatically help avoid obstacles while flying. The intelligent control features help to prevent impact while flying. This feature allows you to fly the craft without any remote control.

On the whole, this is a skilled mini drone for recreation and play.

The E88 Pro 4K HD Quadcopter

4K HD Quadcopter - The E88 Pro
The E88 Pro is a wide-angle quadcopter, just the one you need for incredible photography in mid-air. The high-hold folding mode and the dual camera make this an excellent drone. Also, it is 20% lighter than all the previous models, making it easier to carry.


The folding arms make it light and portable. It is also packed with features like the altitude hold Mode to stabilize the flight and avoid shaky pictures and videos. Connect the device to your phone with the Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit images in real-time. You no longer need to adjust the aircraft's direction or position since it works in headless mode.

You can control this versatile drone in any direction with ease. The return key function helps you find the way home without any trouble. With stable and easy-to-control flight, this is an exciting product capturing excellent images mid-air.

Buying Guide

Buying a drone does not mean that you should check only the latest model. Neither should you go for the most expensive one to be sure of the quality, nor go for the cheapest one. Here are some essential factors to check before buying drones.

Essential Features

Check this list of essential features of a drone before purchasing one. A highly skilled drone must have at least the following:

  • GPS tracking 
  • Good battery life
  • HD camera with 720P, 1080P, and 4K quality options
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Headless feature 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy return 
  • Customizable path of flying 
  • Remote control feature
  • Ability to fly in all directions

The primary reason for buying a drone is generally aerial photography. The camera quality and gimbal mount are of optimum importance when considering performance. 

For aerial photography, 3D modeling, and videography, you need a 3-axis gimbal. A high-quality camera may cost more but will pay off in the long run. 

Go for a sensor of at least 23.7x15.6mm. 

Collision detection and communication 

Another vital factor to check is whether you can control the drone through your smartphone or remote. Communication loss may happen often, but you must track and easily guide it back home. Go for drones with a 360-degree obstacle avoidance feature as well. Radio cameras are beneficial in this regard. 


Not only should the drone last you for a long time but also withstand adverse weather conditions and have wind resistance.

Battery life

Finally, battery life is essential in determining the flight time of a drone.

Brand and Reviews

Reputed brands have both high-end products as well as low-budget ones. Even if your budget is low, do not select unreviewed brands. Also, never forget to do homework about the brands and products you choose. Read their reviews from experts and customers to understand the features, the pros and cons, and efficiency.

Final Words

Buying a skillful and competent drone can keep you ahead of others when honing your photography skills. Discover new techniques and angles to take your shooting skills to a different level by selecting the right drone. We hope this buying guide and the best-listed products will guide you towards your dream aerial photography. Enjoy the bird's eye view. 


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