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Technology is becoming more sophisticated with every passing day. Today, we can track our body weight, temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc., with pocket-size tech devices. The market is full of fitness tech devices ranging from affordable to expensive price range.

Each device offers different features and helps us in the other way. It makes it difficult for people to choose the right product. But with a little guidance and direction, it becomes super easy. 

Here is a list of three fitness tech devices you must have in 2021 to stay fit and healthy.

Sport Smartwatch - The Day Band C5S

Sport Smartwatch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor

One of the most popular fitness techs among fitness trainers is the C5S Day Band. It is also known as the Sport Smartwatch because of the features it offers. Many sportspeople also wear this wristband to keep track of some of their body vitals. 

Available in 10 different colors and featured with a unique design - the C5S band is only $30.99. With just one wristband, you can monitor your sleep. It also offers multiple sport modes allowing you to keep track of numerous vitals.

The band is made with high quality and waterproof material. It uses a LED display screen. One great feature of this day band is that it can be connected with your smartphone over Bluetooth. This innovative sports smartwatch comes with a built-in pedometer.

Besides, it also displays the time, date, and even the weather. If you think that these are all the features of this sports watch, then you are wrong. Integrated with an upgrade chip, this smartwatch also provides call/message reminders and display caller ID.

It is also enabled to give push notifications for your social media apps. This smartwatch includes auto light-up screen alert, music control, remote camera control, alarm, and anti-lost. It uses a rechargeable battery with an excellent battery time. 

The watch’s band is manufactured with silica gel that gives an extraordinarily comfortable feel. Another wonderful thing about this band is that the straps are detachable. It means you can enjoy different straps or replace them.

The watch has multiple dials. With all these features and affordable prices, the value over C5S Day Band's money is quite impressive.

Sport Smartwatch - The Day Band C5S

The VIP Smart Digital Weight Scale

The VIP Smart Digital Weight Scale and Body Composition Analyzer

Bet, you must have seen many weight scales over the years. But the one we are talking about is awe-inspiring and smart. Unlike the usual weight scale, this VIP Smart Weight Scale has many unique features to offer. The first thing that makes it a ‘must-have’ fitness tech in 2021 is digital. 

The weight loss journey requires a weighing scale that provides accurate and precise bodyweight. And that's when you need the VIP Smart Digital Weight Scale. It has incredible weight sensitivity. 

It is a smart solution for your weight measuring solution. If you think that this weight scale is like all the other weighing scales, you are wrong.  It is because you can connect this scale with your ios, android, or other Bluetooth devices. 

By connecting this smart weight scale with your smartphones and smartwatches - you can keep a history of your weight. Not just this, with only one touch, you can share it. The VIP Smart Digital Weight Scale is no ordinary scale.

It's a dual function fitness tech device. You can have the perks of a weighing scale and the body composition analyzer at the price of one. The weighing scale is very easy to use. It is low-maintenance.

You can use this weight scale for Body weight and water content testing. The VIP weight scale is very durable. It is manufactured using high-quality plastic material if you want to keep track of your weight measures with this brilliant yet straightforward digital scale.

The VIP Smart Digital Weight Scale

The smart fitness tech equipment and devices are a true blessing. These innovative and sophisticated fitness devices will surely help you to take your fitness regime one step ahead. All the tech devices discussed above are worth trying in 2021. 

But what's your take on having fitness tech devices? Do you think these fitness techs are worth spending your hard-earned money on? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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