Sunset LED Astronaut Rechargeable Projection Lamp



This lamp is perfect for anyone who loves space or wants to feel like they’re sleeping under the stars. The rechargeable astronaut LED sunset projection lamp has 360-degree rotation and different light and angles settings so you can create the perfect ambiance. The high-quality plastic construction ensures durability and the ability to adjust angles and distance for greater projection. The beam light is bright and the spotlight is vivid, making this lamp perfect for reading, relaxing, or sleeping. Simply insert the USB port to fully charge.


Colors:Sunset Red/Breaking /7 color
Battery capacity: 700mAh (chargeable)
Use time About 4 hours at full power
Product size:12*7*4.8cm
Product Weight:100g

Package Included:
Projection Lamp*1
USB Cable*1
Manual *1

Additional information


7 colors, Breaking Dawn, Sunset red


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