Wood And Metal Headphone Hook To Display And Protect Headphones


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This 100% Made in the USA hook is the perfect solution to store and protect your headphones. Show off your headphones and create valuable space on your desk or in your workspace by mounting this gorgeous holder made from reclaimed wood and brushed metal.

The smooth brushed metal pegs are long enough to hold a pair of headphones as well as the adjoining cord, so you can ensure it doesn't get tangled or ruined. But don't worry, as the pegs are still short enough to not get in the way.

Its sleek design and quality craftsmanship would make this an ideal gift for any gamer. Musicians can appreciate the subtle beauty and absolute practicality of this hook too. Plus, the classic design would be perfect for just about any office or studio setting, making this a wonderful gift for any computer user or audio enthusiast.

Enjoy the beauty of nature and be proud of your footprint, as this product is made from reclaimed wood. Because of this, there may be nail marks or other blemishes that were present in this woods previous life. We would be happy to finish this product in such a way that this is not present, so please add a message "Modern" for a blemish-free appearance.

The wooden base is 2 ¾" wide x 2 ¾" tall. The two pegs are 7/16" wide, and extend 2 ¼".

Mounting hardware is included with this product.

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