Home Base Charging Station For Multiple USB charging and smart watch charging port.


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Enjoy the simplicity of charging all of your devices in one place with Homebase. No more plugging & unplugging different chargers to charge different devices, charge them all in the same place!

This gorgeous charging station includes 4 USB ports, including one USB-C port, allowing compatibility with all of your devices. The base of the unit is equipped with wireless charging and includes the appropriate adapters for use with the Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, Fitbit, and iPhone.

Never worry about powering this device, or refueling yours as the Homebase is equipped with a 120V AC Adapter, ready to plug into any home in America. Plus, the 30W of power will not be a drain on your energy bill. Homebase also includes a built-in intelligent charger, which recognizes different devices, allowing it to deliver the right amount of charge power based on battery size. It will also stop charging when it is fully charged. No more overcharging, to help extend the life of your device's battery!

The attractive grey graphite color fits into any room decor, and the compact size allows Homebase to find a space in your home anywhere. Solve your home charging problems and take back your space today, with Homebase.

**Please note: Homebase does not come with device charging cables or any of the accessories shown.**


  • 4 USB Ports
  • 1 USB-C Fast-Charging Port
  • 30W / 6mps Power Usage
  • Smartwatch charging station
  • Adapters to charge Apple Watch, Fitbit, iPhone
  • 120V AC Adapter included
  • Size: 3"x3.5"

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