Inpods Miniature Bluetooth Speaker TWS Macaroon Speaker - Multiple Colours Available.


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Feast your eyes on the Fresh Inpod Miniature Bluetooth Speaker TWS Macaroon Speaker. With this speaker, you'll get to immerse yourself in a 360° sound experience that seems little on the outside but produces a big, unimaginable sound that will blow your mind!

You won't ever have to carry around those bulky speakers that look terrible and sound even worse, no. With these speakers, you'll get an elegantly designed yet flawless speaker that integrates well with any Bluetooth-enabled smart device. You can choose from colors of yellow, green, sky blue, pink, blue, white, gray, and black.

This speaker utilizes the modernized Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which makes use of the latest version of the Bluetooth communication standard to reduce its energy usage to give you up to three hours of usage. You can sync your devices to this speaker from up to 240 meters or 800 feet, which is 4x the distance allowed by Bluetooth 4.2. As always, obstacles such as walls will weaken the signal like they do with Wi-Fi.

You can use your Fresh Inpod Miniature Bluetooth Speaker TWS Macaroon Speaker for up to three hours without any interruption. It also boasts a charging time of only one hour, so you'll be back up and enjoying your music in no time.



Product Name: Fresh Inpod Miniature Bluetooth Speaker TWS Macaroon Speaker

Compatible Devices: Computers, iPod, iPad, iPhone, or other smart devices

Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 5.0

Recommended Location for Use: Indoors

Power Type: Battery

Contains Batteries: Yes

Contained Battery Type: high-density pure cobalt battery

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Product gross weight: 101g

Product Net Weight: 56g

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