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Ever dream of laying under the stars, falling asleep to wonderful constellations, but don't want to actually sleep outside out of the comfort of your own bed? This problem is solved with an LED Bluetooth Colorful Starry Night Sky Relaxing Experience Projector. Now you can bring bright stars and an amazing spiral nebula into your home and project them onto any open space. With a 360 degree rotation of all the projections not only can you lay under the stars but now you can feel as though you're moving with them too. Customize your experience by going through and choosing different colors. You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth or USB slot to the built-in speaker inside the projector. This lets you set the mood of your starry sky. With the projector's sound-activated design you can choose an upbeat song and the projector will project to the beat of the song. With these two features, one could feel as though they are off to fight distant battles in the galaxy. By choosing a relaxing sound you could drift further and further into deep space, finding ultimate relaxation. For easy accessibility, the projector also comes with external remote control. This remote can power on and off the projector, change the color mode and intensity, increase or decrease volume, pause and play music, as well as fast forward or play the previous track. The remote also comes with a 1, 2, and 4-hour timer button so you can leave your projector on without worrying about turning it off or wasting electricity. This is a great gift for anyone, no matter the age or occasion, everyone needs a beautiful starry night sky.

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