Metalika Smart Watch With Health and Activity Tracker with 1.4 Inch Touch Screen.


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Are you finding the $500 Apple Watch to be a little out of your budget? Or is an Apple Watch out of the question because you are an Android user? Well, here is a great digital smart watch that is compatible with both Apple and Android phones, and at a fraction of the Apple price.

Through a Bluetooth connection, the Metalika Smart Watch allows you to control your phone calls and music at a touch of the screen. It will also notify you when you get text, Facebook, and other messages. The weather tracker will tell you when it is time to pick up the pace of your walk and get inside before it storms.

This watch also has features that rival the most expensive FitBit watches. You can count your steps, calories burned and heart rate, as well as measure your blood pressure and oxygen levels. Wear this watch to bed and it will monitor your quality of sleep.

The soft silicone strap makes this watch both waterproof and comfortable. A 1.4" color touch screen is super responsive, giving you easy control over all of the watch functions. The battery charges rapidly in just 3 hours and gives you an impressive 7 days of active use battery life.

We are currently selling this watch in the following colors: Teal, Black, Ivory, Grey, and Rose Gold.

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