USB Cute & Quiet Indoors Humidifier with Rainbow Lightning


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Have you been looking for an object to help set the perfect mood for your romantic encounters? Would a humidifier be the thing you've been searching for all this time to help create stronger moments in your love life? If the answer is yes, look no further than this 300ml USB powered humidifier! With romantic light available at the push of a key, this truly is the ultimate Aroma Therapy Companion.

This portable humidifier can hold up to 1L and humidificates through mist discharge at 300ml per hour. Its water-shortage power-off protection enables it to preserve its power and its electrical requirements of only 250w and 5V allow it to safely humidificate any household.

It outputs mist at a rate of 30 to 45ml per hour through its classic columnar shape with a noise level that never goes beyond 36db, offering the perfect environment for a quiet, elegant evening at home!

Operated with a keyboard and installed via USB technology, this humidifier can be used to optimal capacity by the tech veteran and the tech novice alike. Add in the romantic light and your home will breeze with romance within seconds!

With a variety of features ranging from air humidifier and mist maker to aroma and essential oil diffuser, this humidifier can create any mood for your desired moments. No matter the home or the occasion, it will always deliver a smooth, romantic, unforgettable atmosphere!

Order one of these beauties today and begin the next chapter in your love life!

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