The X-Man Wireless Speaker and Mobile Power Bank compatible with most high street brands.


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This X-Man Wireless Speaker and Mobile Power Bank are not only versatile and durable but long-lasting and high-quality too. The speaker's variety of colors lets you customize your product to your taste, and its universal plug gives you the ability to plug directly into any device. The outstanding versatility of this product's design provides captivating sound, whether by the pool or in the house. Simply connect your device and let the music roll.

The speaker's dynamic sound capabilities provide exceptional sound from a variety of different mediums such as music, podcasts, cell phone calls, and more. Its Bluetooth-enabled feature lets you connect your phone without the hassle of wires, making for an easy, quick connection for playing your own audio. With a wide range of compatibility from Samsung and Apple to Nokia and Xiaomi, your device is bound to connect seamlessly. Devices can be paired within 10 meters of range so you don't have to sit next to the speaker in order to use your device.

X-man Wireless Speaker has a 5001-6000 mAh battery capacity, perfect for providing sustainable battery life and for easy charging of your device with the speaker's built-in mobile power bank. Create powerful sound with the speaker's booming volume and bass effet. Choose between a black, green, red, and blue colored speaker, or get one of each for a complete set and gift one to a friend or family. Give the gift of superior, long-lasting sound, perfect for any occasion.

Each speaker comes with an instruction manual, as well as, a portable hook, USB charging cable, and AUX cable so you have everything you need to get the party started.

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