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In the good ol' days television sets had two knobs, one speaker, and an antenna that was the bane of everyone's existence. While you probably don't want to go back to messing with rabbit ears for hours on end, you can get a taste of nostalgia with this clever retro TV Stand Design Bluetooth Speakers.

This handy Bluetooth speaker is housed inside of a phone stand that easily fits your phone so that you can watch content hands-free. It can even improve your health as premature myopia is a growing problem among the population as mobile devices become increasingly integrated with daily life. Getting in the habit of setting your phone a comfortable distance from your eyes is a great way to strengthen your vision comfortably.

In addition, when not streaming content, the Bluetooth speaker TV stand can also be used as a digital photo frame or as a Bluetooth speaker. Is the sound a bit low on your tablet or laptop? Use the Bluetooth feature to hook it up to your speaker and enjoy a comfortable listening experience.

Alternatively, utilize the Bluetooth 3W speaker to add some rhythm to your home while entertaining or a lazy Sunday while cleaning your apartment. Excellent for trendy mobile users and as a novelty gift, this TV stand easily doubles as decor on your desk or kitchen counters.

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