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Introduction: The era of the smartwatch continues to dominate as consumers realize the countless benefits these watches have to offer. The P38 Smart Watch Heart Health Monitor enables you to complete all your tasks in a quick and effective way. This smartwatch is suitable for any type of individual. Outdoor enthusiast, gym-goer, couch potato: this watch can make life easier to individuals of any lifestyle.

Benefits and Features:

  • Develop Healthier Habits: track your athletic progress via the built in heart monitor
  • Monitor Sleep Schedule: By monitoring your bed time and rise hours you can develop better sleeping patterns, and have a detailed look on how much REM sleep you are receiving
  • Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, & Timer
  • Music Controller: While on your daily run, effortlessly skip tracks at the push of a button. Not a runner? Not a problem, the music controller makes listening to your favorite tracks all the more easier.
  • Tracks Athletic Progress: By monitoring your routes, this watch gives you the ability to track your times, and distances saving them in your history log.
  • Waterproof: Swimmers are able to enjoy their workouts without fear of having their watch on, and non-swimmers will be able to use all the same functions incase it gets rainy outside.
  • Long Lasting: By using low power consumption, this smart watch is able to go long hours on a single charge
  • Counted Steps: Workout with out even realizing it, daily steps are tracked as you move throughout your day. A sedentary reminder is also set in place, encouraging you to move.

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