"Welcome to California" Retro Decorative Sign - Aluminium Metal.


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Welcome to California! This sign will remind you of everything you love about America's most populous state. Born out of the Gold Rush of the 1850s, "the Golden State" is known for its stunning beaches, scenic mountains, rolling farmlands, giant sequoia trees, and Hollywood.

This sign's green background with white font should evoke images of the highway signs running along the iconic, 656-mile Route 1 Pacific Coast Highway. This coloring gives this sign a retro feel, bringing back thoughts of a simpler time, when the gas was cheap and the top was down.

Featured prominently on this sign is the California state flag. Adopted in 1911, the flag features an image of the now-extinct California grizzly bear. In the top-left of the flag is the California Lone Star, a mark honoring the 1836 coup that gave California independence from Mexico. The various colors on the flag represent strength, sovereignty, courage, and purity.

Designed and manufactured in the heartland of America (Lizton, Indiana), this product is made from high-quality, recyclable aluminum. This material makes this sign perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Mounting is made easy with two pre-drilled holes. We carry this product in a variety of sizes ranging from 10"x14" to 36"x54".

Order this sign today, hang it in the center of a room, and let your guests share their stories about why California is America's greatest state.

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