White Snow Ultrasonic USB Discreet Humidifier for the Home


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The White Snow Mountain Humidifier is a household object that will be used to humidify your living room and bring out a beautiful and daunting aesthetic in your house. The primary function of this humidifier is to bring out white mist that slowly creeps up along your walls and then jumps out of each corner of your house, until your house is filled with see through mist that sets a captivating vibe inside your house.

This beautiful new humidifier brings out mist slowly and ensures that the mist lasts for a lengthy period of 12 hours, while also ensuring that the mist can stay in the room and die out after 18 hours of use, giving your living room, bedroom, garage, office, patio and other other room that you can think of a beautiful ambient vibe that will transform your house into a mountain side villa. Even better than all this is that the White Snow Mountain Humidifier can last for a total 18 hours and doesn't need to be charged, making it completely wireless. The only thing you need to do the fill this humidifier up is to pour water inside and ensure that it is heated, everything else is done for you.

The capacity of the humidifier is 500 ML, making the water capacity the same amount, the humidifying capacity of the humidifier is 30 ML per hour, while the mist output at gallons per day is 40 ML per hour. If you are interested in purchasing this magnificent humidifier, click here.

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