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These wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphones are designed to go anywhere and to look great doing it. Available in five colors that include blue, red, yellow, white and black, these noise-cancelling headphones are ideally suited for your morning jog, your exercise routine or any time you want to enjoy audio entertainment. Here are some of the key features of this elite and attractive Bluetooth headphones.

  • Our Bluetooth headphones connect to your phone or device without wires that can get in the way. This can allow you to take your tunes or other audio materials along with you without worrying about tangled or disconnected wires. The range for receiving and transmitting Bluetooth signals is about 10 meters from the source of the signal.
  • The noise-cancelling feature of these headphones is a major selling point for many customers. The design of our headphones ensures that they provide passive noise cancellation, which can block out much of the ambient noise on public transport or on your daily run.
  • The expected battery life on a single charge is about four to six hours, which is plenty of time to get to and from work or to finish even the longest exercise session. The materials used to construct our Bluetooth noise-cancelling earphones are durable and attractive, allowing you to enjoy the greatest confidence in your appearance and in the performance of your headphones every time you use them.

Attractive and stylish, these wireless noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect solution for your over-the-ear headphone requirements and for your current and future fashion needs.

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