Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - The X6 Speaker With Bluetooth Connection.


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Whether you are looking for an easy way to add some entertainment to mundane yardwork in the backyard or are looking for a quick way to add audio to a scheduled event, the X6 Speaker with Bluetooth Connection is the ideal solution. Its compact dimensions make it suited well for travel, while its stylish exterior allows it to easily compliment the technological set-up of any event.

Easily prop it on a corner notch to quickly spread audio throughout a room, or proudly display it on a table and easily add high-quality audio to any event with just your phone and this portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. The cabinet is plastic for enhanced durability and the output power is 5W which is strong enough to send audio waves throughout the crowd.

Capable of playing radio or mp3 data, the speaker also comes with a built-in microphone and standard output so that you can easily use it to get attention or lead a service as well. With a battery capacity of 1200 Mah, you can expect the portable speaker to perform for five to eight hours when fully charged via an AC connection.

Not doing anything special for the moment? Get the most out of this attractive speaker by connecting it to your current indoor audio system and enjoy the extra surround sound qualities. The X6 Speaker comes with its own USB charging cable and one Aux cable.

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